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The workers’ compensation system of California exists as a safety net for those who sustain injuries while working. Almost every employer in the state is legally required to carry appropriate workers’ compensation insurance, so if you or a loved one sustained an injury while working, a workers’ compensation claim is likely to be your first step toward recovering your losses.

Legal Assistance for Victims of Workplace Accidents in Anaheim

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation claim process can be more challenging than the average person expects, and there is always a chance for unexpected complications to arise that interfere with the victim’s ability to recover their losses. Additionally, some injured workers have grounds to pursue further legal recourse outside of the workers’ compensation claim process when specific parties caused their injuries.

The Ali Law Group, PC, has years of experience guiding our clients through the workers’ compensation claim process in Anaheim. We know the stress and uncertainty that comes with filing any type of insurance claim, especially one that presents the added complication of an employer’s involvement. Our firm has faced many of the insurance carriers covering Anaheim-area employers and can provide the detailed legal guidance you need to approach the claim process with peace of mind.

Filing Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is similar to filing any other type of insurance claim. You should report your injury to your supervisor immediately, and they are required to create a formal incident report of the injury and provide you with the materials needed to file your workers’ compensation claim. An employer may not interfere with a claim made in good faith in any way, or they face legal penalties for retaliation.

Once you have undergone a medical examination from a physician approved by your employer’s insurance company, you will receive a disability rating that will inform your level of disability benefits. The higher your rating, the greater your benefits determination will be. You will also receive full coverage for all your medical expenses related to the injury until you reach maximum improvement.

In the event that you are left unable to return to your work due to your injury after recovering as much as you can, you may qualify for ongoing disability benefits that account for your lost earning power. In addition, the Ali Law Group, PC, will work closely with you to ensure the workers’ compensation insurance carrier receives all the documentation they need for their review process, and we will also verify that their settlement offer is fair and reasonable.

Building a Personal Injury Claim for Workplace Injuries

You generally cannot file a civil suit against your employer for a workplace injury, but there are exceptions to this. For example, if your employer caused your injury through any intentional action, this would nullify their insulation from a civil claim. Alternatively, if a third party caused your injury, you would have the right to file a personal injury claim against them.

Winning your personal injury case requires accurate identification of the party responsible for the injury, clear proof of the extent of your damages, and evidence showing the defendant’s actions directly caused those damages. When you have an experienced Anaheim workplace accident attorney representing you, they can guide you through the workers’ compensation claim process as efficiently as possible, and if you have grounds for further legal recourse, they can assist with this as well.

Time is a crucial consideration for anyone facing a workers’ compensation claim and/or personal injury case after an injury at work in Anaheim. You have a limited time in which to imitate your recovery efforts, and it is always best to do so as soon as possible after your injury.

FAQs About Anaheim, CA Work Injury Compensation Law

How Much Does an Anaheim Workplace Accident Attorney Charge Their Client?

Most personal injury attorneys working in California offer their clients contingency fee billing, meaning the client does not pay any ongoing or upfront attorney’s fees. Instead, the client only pays a fee once their attorney wins their case, and the fee is a percentage of their final case award. This type of billing arrangement ensures appropriate compensation for the client and access to the legal counsel they need when they need it most.

When Should I Hire an Anaheim Workplace Accident Attorney?

Ideally, it is best to hire an Anaheim workplace accident attorney as soon as possible after a workplace accident. The sooner you secure legal counsel, the more likely you are to reach the best possible outcome for all your recovery efforts. Most workplace accident claims in Anaheim will involve a claim for workers’ compensation benefits followed by a civil suit, and reliable legal representation is invaluable for both of these recovery options.

Will I Get More Settlement Money With an Anaheim Workplace Accident Attorney?

Hiring experienced legal representation is the best way to enhance the final recovery you obtain for a workplace injury. Not only can your legal team help you maximize your workers’ compensation claim settlement, but they can also assist you in securing as much compensation as state law allows for a subsequent personal injury claim. It’s common for workplace accident victims to initially undervalue their claims until they secure trustworthy and experienced legal counsel capable of revealing all available avenues of recovery in their claim.

How Long Will My Workplace Accident Claim Take to Resolve?

The time required to complete your recovery efforts hinges on the severity of your injury and whether you have grounds to file a personal injury claim as well as a workers’ compensation claim. The workers’ compensation claim process may not take very long, and many claimants are able to complete this process and receive settlement checks within a few weeks. However, if you have grounds to file a personal injury claim, this is a more time-consuming process and could take weeks or months to conclude.

The attorneys at the Ali Law Group, PC, have the skills, experience, and professional resources you need at your disposal to reach the best possible outcome for your recovery efforts after a workplace injury. We have helped many past clients recover appropriate compensation for work-related injuries and can apply this experience to your case. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with an Anaheim workplace accident attorney.

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